Living In Each And Every Moment Of Life

Mind wide awake, taking in every detail in surroundings,
holding onto the beauty of life and humanity, enjoying
it all within our realities of this world.

Deciding, making coherent decisions to help ourselves
and loved ones, exacting somehow innately, what we need
in our lives in order to protect and care for our families.

Sensing things that are best suited to what our needs are,
providing them constantly and incessantly to our loved ones,
living in the moment.

Never taking a back seat as we move through our lives, not
expecting miracles, but at times receiving them anyway, re-
joicing when they fall into our lives, and appreciating
each of them thankfully throughout the years.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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buncha in this place mexicans
This poem... NO words
Delightful words.
dear alexis you are my hero keep up the good work of getting plastered ;)
somehow, managed to turn a smile upside down... you reap what you sow, but you have to make the best of it, so out of it can come benefits. no matter how much of a fooled you acted then, for your family you will break your back to give them all that they need and some of the desires that they want. to make sure that your child/ren doesn't reflect the fool you acted in school, but to be the business man you are in the fields w a better tune... beauty shows its' face in many directions
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