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A Reflection On Beauty
SK (31st July / India)

A Reflection On Beauty

Poem By Sanath Kumar

One fine day, I sat down to think
What was Beauty? It was difficult to ink.

What was Beauty? What the hell?
Internal or external? It was hard to tell.

Was it the horse? Or was it the cart?
Or something that ripped hearts apart?

Was it the proportion? Was it the smile?
A sculpture, so perfect, there’s no need to file?

Something you appreciate even from a mile?
Or something that stays just for a while?

Something that pleases the senses? Pleases them well?
Forces even an introvert out of his shell?

A rare combination of brawn and brain?
In these areas, is it possible to train?

It’s certainly not what Bollywood tries to sell
In the name of Beauty, it rings some other bell.

Whatever it was why wasn’t it eternal?
For sure, it wasn’t just external

Beauty must lie in the beholder’s eyes
It’s something that, to life, adds spice.

That’s what makes Beauty so special
Because the impression stays even after a long interval!

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