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A Regular Act Of Kindness (1) (Don'T Cry, Just Smile)
UWK U Win Kyi ( / )

A Regular Act Of Kindness (1) (Don'T Cry, Just Smile)

Mrs Huang Shiou Lien sells vegetables at a local market.
A large amount of money she don't have.
She donates 300 meat dumplings to low -income people every week.
For this, a personal fame or profit she never seeks.

Mr Joe Joe Mu Juink is a Japanese man,
who came to Taiwan across the ocean,
to teach how to repair,
the broken discarded wheel chairs,
which were donated to the needy,
in Taiwan and 6 other Asian countries,
totalling 3 thousands in number,
during the last 10 years.

Young novices are living in a monastery,
in a remote Nantou county.
Each has 1000-1500 NT$ as pocket money,
which are spent very thriftily.
The saved money is donated to people living in poverty.

George and Debbie received from friend a message about adoption,
of 3 girls aged 18,16 and 14,
who were living in a Youth Centre,
for about 10 years.
Their parents died when the eldest was only seven.
She has been taking care of her younger sisters since then.
George and Debbie decided to adopt all in 5 minutes,
to take them all to USA where they live.
The couple is the real angels,
their love is so great without compare.

Every one has the ability,
to do some charity.
If you don't have any,
don't be sad and cry,
just put up a face with a smile,
so that the world get beautified,
the easiest way that can't be denied..

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