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A Regular Act Of Kindness (2) (See The Light, Hear The Voice)

Mr Lu has been suffering from blindness since age 6
and also deafness since teenage.
He has a 25-year-old girlfriend
who is also visually impaired.
They operate a massage parlor,
where they work as masseurs.
They massage at open market at night.
They set up Dab Hand Massage Studio Web site.
At nursing home, they give massage
to old seniors, free of charge.
When Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan northern area,
they could not go to there to volunteer.
But their neighbors went there to clean the mess,
and returned with their weary, aching muscle of hand, leg and back.
Then the couple gave them comforting, free massage
a charity born out from their sincere heart.
Now they have a House-call service,
to promote their honest biz.
When they knew a family with financial trouble in remote Lanyu Island
they immediately donated food worth NT$ 10 thousands.

Though they are blind,
they can see the needy's mind.
Though they are deaf,
they can hear the needy's wailing with beat of chest.
Physically they have defects.
Spiritually they are fully blessed.
They do the best
with what is left,
for a regular act of kindness.
In darkness they see the Light.
In silence they hear the Voice.

(dedicated to Lu Kuan-Liang and Shih Ah-Yu)

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