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A Regular Act Of Kindness (3) (A Vegetable Seller Built A Hospital)

30 years ago, her husband died from acute gastero-enteritis,
a treatable disease with oral fluid and iv drip.
His death was due to lack of money.
In India, many live below line of poverty.
She was just a vegetable seller.
But she decided to build a hospital.
It was not the funniest joke
because she had a big hope.
She had no formal education,
but had a strong determination.
She worked in a tea-shop at a roadside.
She washed coal for a low price.
In 1993, a single-bed thatched hut was established.
Through modest income, she paid for it brick by brick.
Today it has become a building with 3 floors and 35 beds
and a room equipped with surgical knife, needle and thread.
It is situated in India and in a place called Kokata
the building is called Humanity Hospital.
The woman is called Subhashini Ministry,
a 65- year-old lady.
Her son is called Ajay Kumar,
a kind-hearted doctor.
For treatment, the patients are charged only for a token fee,
and the rest are for free.
While the poor woman gets into a great fame
the greedy doctors in city get into a big shame.

(based on true story)

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