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A Remote Chance They Are Not Aware
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Remote Chance They Are Not Aware

Anyone who obtains success,
With claims they are surprised by it...
Have been taught to express humility.
As if for them,
A getting of attention is not as wanted...
As much as the getting of applause given.
And the greater the accomplishment,
The bright glow of shock shows upon their face.

'I don't understand it.
Why would someone claw their way to the top,
Only to wish their claws clipped.
With an attempt to hide,
An undeniable ambitiousness...
That has proven them to be,
Worthy of the standing ovation.
As if it was not expected.'

There is a remote chance,
They are not aware...
Of their own talents.

'Yeah right!
And maybe a duck that quacks,
Isn't aware that the sound of it can be heard.'

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