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A Replaying Of An Innocence That Isn'T
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Replaying Of An Innocence That Isn'T

Seduced by a replaying of an innocence that isn't,
Gets as old as the doer who refuses to see...
Tired are the ones who have become,
Taken for granted.
And with an ending of it that has begun.

People who find it easy,
To pass judgements on whom they please...
Seem always to excuse and unconsciously,
That which offends with a doing...
A perception they should be repeatedly forgiven.

But the time eventually comes,
When a forgiveness one gives is the very last one.
And with a judgement done,
A preventing to be solicited to go down that same road...
With a doing of it ever again.

'You said you forgave me.'

~I did.
I have forgiven you.
I have also done a forgetting about you too!
With a refusing to be ambushed by your expectations.~

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