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A Republican

To every voting woman and man
Please! do not vote for the manipulating Republican,
All that they care about is money and war
They don't care about peace, or the needy or the poor,
They say that they are Christians from their preachings
But, they do not follow in Jesus's footsteps or his teachings,
And if you happen to work for the minimum wage
They are happy that you do so, with their joy and your rage,
They don't care for the Union or the working class
All that they care about is making money from bribes and gas,
And remember this, the KKK aligns itself with the GOP
That shows their true belief and also their philosophy,
They have supported and financed the Taliban
That is who they truly are, the lying Republican,
Free healthcare they believe should be just for the wealthy
It should never be provided freely to the poor or the unhealthy,
And they will always stand up against a woman's right
They are bullies and hardheaded in a woman's blight,
Do they care about other religions or another person's belief
No! they do not, they believe other religions are a thief,
And if you are an immigrant you had better run and hide
The evil Republicans will chase you down and never stand by your side,
Even though each and every Republican forefathers were an immigrant
They are always on a radical foreigner witchhunt,
They believe that every woman and man should carry a gun
That is who they all are, the crazy Republican,
Now before you ever vote please think about this or even that
And please remember these words, and vote for a Democrat.

Randy L. McClave

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