CVR (03-03-1954 / chembra)

A Request To Rain

I know you won't care
To peruse this thoughts.
Is it not your frailties
Of vehement adversity,
That served my name creep
Into your thoughts
And tagged that i am,
My dear rain?

We say, we are accompanied.
Simply foolish a thought
It is.
Born alone.
Die alone.
Are you born with me?
Are you ready to die,
When i die tomorrow,
Or the very next moment,
Even stopping abruptly,
My lunacy of writing this and that,
That sometimes disturb you?

Please do not tag me with your ways.

Leave me alone, here in the curly ways,
(No ways are straight, so far!)
Like a wild flower bloomed to doom,
Giving life to many bees', tomb.

Let me experience warmth of the sun-
No one could give me this much warmth,
That inspired me into the life, though burning,
That went ahead till this split second.

So please,
Let the blistering summer alive
Let it burn the whole earth,
And let me burn into ashes
To earth in the sun-burnt grave
Do not downpour as i am burning,
As the cool crematorium kills.
As the cool crematorium kills.

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