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A Request To Wish It
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Request To Wish It

Some days I am driven,
To an unexpected love craze.
Maybe it comes from having aged.
You know...
The longer on the vine,
Sweeter the wine becomes.
And even at this stage of life,
I realize with felt pain and aches...
I've been blessed to still be seen,
Participating in this process...
Enjoyed called life.
Although slower are my youthful steps
Gratefully and gracefully,
Everyday attempted made.

Yet kept as the speeding of time,
Comes to go more noticed to pass...
My heated passion remains intact.
What's up with that?
Is this God's way of getting laughs?
I'm just sayin' not complaining.
Not me.
I've lived to see God perform,
Miracles to believe.
With eyes left to sustain,
Their innocence, twinkle.
And that blessed to keep curiosity.

'You better stop being so fresh.
And at your age,
That's the last thing I expected.'

I'll try it.
But I'm not about to make,
Any long lasting promises.
It's your turn.
Stop being so...


I'm confused.
Is that a request to wish?
Or vision you imagine?
I'm a little too mature,
To decipher mixed signals to me sent.

'Oh...God! '

Help me out.
Is your emphasis placed,
More on the 'oh' or 'God'?

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