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A Respect That Is Served
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Respect That Is Served

Overnight when one has decided,
A decision procrastinated...
Is rush to make without delay.
That person should not get upset with it expected,
A few seconds spent being disciplined...
Should be enough to receive equal benefits,
Another finally gets to collect.
Especially after decades of sacrifice,
With a doing that has gone undetected to suspect...
Who did the convincing to allow others to follow,
Through an open door once closed to those rejected.

And 'if' one is granted permission,
To sit at the head of the table...
With a respect that is served to then be offered to select,
From a variety of delicious desserts.
Why and for whatever the impatient reason,
Would anyone believe...
They are deserving of the same service?
When they have yet to study the menu.
Or washed a dish nor understand the use of a broom.
But wants all of the attention upon entering a room!

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