(1848-1920 / )


With her words,
she held me close,
drowning my demons,
and the rest of the world..

Bliss she brings,
if only she knew,
it's too late now..
but it was true.

On my behalf,
if only she knew..
I loved her most,
with all I could do.

Simply loved,
in the kindest way..
Honest I was,
a dead giveaway.

Oh I fell,
into a hole so deep,
as I sank between the sheets,
cradling my heart..
what's left of my beat..

I still miss..
the love in between the sheets.

Sweet mornings and late night talks..
spending zero time apart.
attached so it seems,
only to know.. it was only me.. falling in deep.

I, a Fool, I continue to love..
till my last breath..
as the promise I would never give up..

With each step you take away...
I hope you know.. I'm right where you left me..
with my smile on a slow decay.

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rippling river beautiful.....
Beautiful imagery, simple and honest.