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A Revisit With The Trees
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Revisit With The Trees

What do I think,
About the current economic crisis?
And how it affects the quality of life,
Experienced by those who have lost their treasures?
Such as their life savings.
Values and standards they held,
Now quickly diminished?

What time is it?

'It's nearly noon,
Why? '

In the mornings when I take my walks,
And the air is fresh...
With the birds singing,
After the dawn breaks...
And this distant sound of a rooster crowing.
I approach the park and stroll...
Every so slowly.
Absorbing, I do, the quietness of the atmosphere.
With 'this' thought precisely kept in my mind...
~I am alone with nature!
Never is nature hardly alone with me.~
And I marvel to be amongst the presence,
Of all that benefits my life!

What time is it now?

'Just a couple of minutes beyond noon,
Why? '

And to think...
Within less than 18 hours,
I will make a revisit...
With the trees!

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Absorbing, I do, the quietness of the atmosphere excellent abstract poem 10++++++++++