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A Revolution's Coming

There's a Revolution coming,
The boots are on the streets;
It's calling from the graves,
We're stirring from our sleep.
There's a hunger in the eyes,
The troops are on their feet.
The revolutions's coming
And the enemy's in retreat.

The mob appeal
Is running lights,
Towered minions
Join the fight
To rein in one percent
From their lusty heights.
Desks in towers,
Facades of power,
Will tumble to defeat.
The gravity of their greed
Will drag them through the streets.

The bell at four
Will sound no more;
The chorus chants
For a holy war,
For salvation
In one bleat.

There's a revolution on the way,
We'll re-write all the laws,
We'll line up all the Romanovs,
We'll give up all the Shahs.
There's a revolution coming
And it's coming
With just cause.

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It's possible, but where is the revolution, in which country. The poem makes me think of the Revolutions in France, the USA, Russia and China, and others. They brought about change quickly, but at a huge cost. A thought-provoking poem.
The world needs changes. May they happen for the better.
Perfect timing. The extinction rebellion is making waves as we speak!
I agree with your underlying premise, But their technology is growing ever to hard to overcome. Great poem, great insight. James McLain 🎸
There's a revolution on the way, There's a revolution coming And it's coming With just cause........./// superb poetic writings on revolutions
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