A Rhapsody Of A Robust Chivalry

Chirping mantra ascend
A true heart will be sent
Liszt's Pharaphrasen
I long much to listen

Sweetheart of afar sunset
No more, no more sad
O Beguiling Hysteria!
Pacify Liszt's Sonata

In this quiet evening
My very soul is waving
I play Liszt's Consolation
To calm down desolation

Darling, your charming shadow
Is dancing below a glistening glow
To lift up a blaring beat of crescendo
I need a breathtaking Liszt's Concerto

(dedicated to you who love Franz Liszt's music)

by Ahmad Shiddiqi

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Este chapéu a máscara abriu Jogo fora, relaxo de cima para baixo loved how u went back and forth in languages. what does this mean anyways? oh and since this poem was so interesting about this concerto u so dearly love, i think i might take an ear for it. -Every rose starts out as an ash- Ashes 2 Roses :)
i really enjoyed it nice write
Sweetheart of afar sunset No more, no more sad. i like this words......... honestly i didn't understand the poem
Who wouldn't enjoy this poem? I totally love this one. Sounds quite Asian and unique...10.
Again, your words dance with blissful passion on the screen, Ahmad, with a message as vast as it is benevolent. Chords resonate within us, echoing throughout time, creating all new experience and emotion. Warm regards, John.
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