A Rhetoric Of The Heart

i met a dame
On a maine
Waltz through my lane
Pretty as fine clay
Molded for a potter

To cherish
So as not to perish
An honourable damsel
My intuition precedes me

leap of faith
To sustain fate
should I hail her
Summoned the courage
To take the chivalrous step

My confidence faints
Like a tainted glass
Seeing her everyday
Brings calm to my storm

Aloof I stand
Watching events unfold
I have eternity to work up to her
Divulging my deepest thoughts

How wrong was I
Like a thief in the night
Eternity was stolen from me
Procrastination steals the time
Leaving me fathoming

what could have been
If odds had been defiled
Taken the giant stride
To defy all odd

Hence I spent four years
Appreciating her from afar
Without divulging my hearts note
What could have been
Is what I ask

time cant answer that
caused its breezed past

like a wind

What could have been
An hello could have solved the mystery

Road not taken
Opportunity missed
Hence the voice
That sounded like *the bird sings*
Is the memory I hold on to

What could have been
Can never be known
Cause fate stole it all
Living just a memory
To reminisce over

by Oluwatomiwo Akinyemi

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