A Rhyme Of Passion

I see you and my palms begin to sweat.
My mouth grows drier with each breath I take.
My knees begin to quiver and I say the darndest things,
which my mouth can’t stop, and my heart begins to quake.
My limbs grow limp and my stomach starts to churn.
I feel faint as vision starts to fade.
I want to run far, far away, but
it’s too late to be afraid.

Too late to be afraid of love
and what now seems to be the latest fashion.
Tis’ true I know, but sadly so,
it’s nothing more than a Rhyme of Passion.

by Christine K. Trease

Comments (4)

I love the last stanza! It boost up the theme...10+++++
Great rhyme, Christine. There is certainly passion in your writing... and plenty to love! Brian
Beautiful and in the style of writing I particularly like, creates good images.
Hi! Christine: Thanks for imput, I have many Haiku's thought Id post a few getting lots and lots of comments, my Haiku California Coast just past 506 hits since posting I am overwhelmed. Your poem takes me back when I had my first crush. I was shaking so much, I could not keep my feet steady on the gas petal, in my ole motel A Ford. thanks for the memorie charles garcia