Some People Like The Seasons

A friend of mine just a short while ago I tried to look her in the eye
But she turned her face away from me and now I ask myself why
She does not seem to wish to know me since I've never done her any harm
Am I that ugly looking as well as one bereft of charm?

We used to be platonic friends just that and nothing more
Up to a couple of months ago I recall that was before
She got the job promotion her attitude to me did change
Some friends I knew no longer friends that's life and life can be strange.

She is quite a nice person that of her I do know
But now we move in different social circles and apart we seemed to grow
She no longer wishes to know me but for that her I can't blame
Since I'm not seen as successful with achievements to my name.

Some people like the Seasons to my life come and go
She turned her face away from me I did not say hello
As she did not wish to know me to me it seemed that way
We were good mates in the recent past but we are not mates today.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (4)

I love the last stanza! It boost up the theme...10+++++
Great rhyme, Christine. There is certainly passion in your writing... and plenty to love! Brian
Beautiful and in the style of writing I particularly like, creates good images.
Hi! Christine: Thanks for imput, I have many Haiku's thought Id post a few getting lots and lots of comments, my Haiku California Coast just past 506 hits since posting I am overwhelmed. Your poem takes me back when I had my first crush. I was shaking so much, I could not keep my feet steady on the gas petal, in my ole motel A Ford. thanks for the memorie charles garcia