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A Rhyming Essay
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

A Rhyming Essay

Poem By AHO Speaks

The mind allows us to more than see
To grow, change and be transformed; like the 'living Tree''
All of our choices and decisions; reside in our memory
Who we were, who we are and who we became to be.

The mind can be an enemy or a life long friend
A door to open and see both a beginning and an end
It can also be a retreat for silent time
To consider choices and decisions that come from your mind.

The mind will tell us who we were and came to be
A presentor of images the God creator wil be able to see
Time for self as a pin point on the way to eternity
To hear words 'come my child; you belong to me'.

Energy is the basis for all human thought
Our minds values based on enviornmental learning; but many are not
The gift is given in pieces yet evil encrouches just like an ink blot
We have but to wipe away its potential each time it is caught.

I believe in the universal creator God one
In the energy it shares with everything and everyone
I know not of its mind but will acknowledge a plan
For all of life and that includes; children, woman; and man.

If we use the gift given to us in order to understand
The creator blesses woman; more so than the hu-man
Soon she will have the power and influence in order to do
Not for man or self but for the children; explicit and true.

Without a Mother and gift of birth
What purpose and reason for our planet earth?
An enviroment given to protect and provide
For each of God's children to chose and decide.

A child ceases to be a child when it becomes a woman or man
To take care of itself and their chldren until they also understand
Toil is labor and labor is to share
Not just for self but for the denied, we should care.

Man cannot know his God but only acknowledge
To use his gift of a mind to search, and find; is the core of college
How can this nation have prosperity and also people of the poor
If we have poor are they not proof; they only want food and no more?

How can a nation throw away more than they eat
Yet say; 'the children go hungry before they go to sleep'? .
What we don't know is more important than what we do
Not to think, question, and speak; is up to individual you.

It is easier for most to agree, be silent and just go along
But this is not necessary and in fact, it is also very wrong.

12-01-05 Aho Speaks.

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