A Riddle

There is one that has a head without an eye,
And there's one that has an eye without a head.

by Christina Georgina Rossetti Click to read full poem

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The answer is Spider.Am I right?
ধাঁধা ।। ক্রিশ্চিনা রসেটি . . এমন একজন আছে— চোখহীন, শুধু মাথা যার, আবার এমন আছে— মুণ্ডহীন, শুধু এক চোখের সম্ভার। চেষ্টা করলে পেয়ে যাবে: জবাব ধাঁধার; বর্ণনা তামাম করো পুনরায় পড়ে, আধেক উত্তর ঝুলছে: সুতার উপরে। . . #বাঙলায়ন: #রহমানেহেনরী; #Bengalized by #RahmanHenry .
Half the answer that 'hangs upon a thread' is of course a needle, and the other half still remains a riddle! :)
A marvelous poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti...............
My guess is a needle and a straight pin...
A wonderful riddle. Cleverly written.
Bread of life! ! To heed to the truth. Read along and learn. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
I've enjoyed reading and solving riddles since my childhood. Thanks for this lovely riddle.
Nice one. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing.
Very beautiful poem....from a great poetess
A fun quizzical rhyme
Christina Rossetti is one of my favourites! Eye without a head, hangs upon a thread is a needle. Of course, a hurricane has an eye also, but it doesn't hang upon a thread. The second one stumps me. A full stein of beer from the tap?
enigmatic veins is circulated in the race of human!