A Ride On My Pen

I rode on my pen
And sailed with the wind
I enfolded the sky
With my heart that may never die.

I rode on my pen
And reached the galaxy
Danced in the Milky Way
With Pleiades and Vega just an arm’s length away.

I rode on my pen
And caught moonshines a hundred fold
Glimpsed beauties untold
Kissed summer’s warmth, winter’s biting cold.

I rode on my pen
And crossed marvelous streams
Beheld thousand exquisite dreams
Reposed in gardens where angels teem.

I wandered in woods, mountains and brooks
Enrapted by grotesque, imposing looks
I surfed with the waves surging the sand
And sat on the sunrise quite grand.

I cruised all lands of impeccable beauty
Lay on beds of lilies and peony
Lucky I am to do these everyday
With but a ride on my pen.

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Comments (3)

This poem depends heavily on the repeating line 'I rode on my pen.' To me this line doesn't have the poetic strength necessary to carry the poem. To my ear a line used in this manner needs to have intentional ambiguity so that each hearing of the line makes the reader look at the words slightly differently. Then the poem would have movement rather than simply a collection of interesting images.
Nice subject, the end felt as if you wanted to end it and get everything crammed in quick. Otherwise it is really nicely done. Love Ernestine XXX
I think your rythm needs a little work but nice poem Gyp's