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A Ridiculous Idea
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Ridiculous Idea

Try again!
There has to be someone,
Brave enough to want and accept the facts.
Without fearing to be recognized.
Receiving them publicly in broad daylight.
This time...
Offer them a free cup of coffee with a donut.
Their choice.

Do you think that will work? "

It has to.
I can't believe we are witnesses to this.
People have become so suspicious of truth.
They are actually fearing,
To be seen receiving it.
Remember I told you,
Putting on that Mickey Mouse suit you brought...
Had been a ridiculous idea?

"Yes, I do."

Put it on.
Let's see what then happens.

"What about Minnie? "
I brought her too!
Just in case."

In case of what?
No one is going to believe,
Minnie is over 6 feet tall.
Has a beard and dreads.
Put that Mickey Mouse suit on.

"Okay. Okay okay.
You're serious about this truth thing."

And I thought being factual about it,
Would be far easier than it is.
If we were out here lieingabout everything,
There would be a crowd surrounding us...
Screaming, "Right on. Amen. Preach it, brutha!

And taking less the effort too."

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