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A Riding Of Their Wave
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Riding Of Their Wave

Each generation should come to learn,
A riding of their wave to enjoy with it processed...
To know it is best to teach those younger,
How to progress with this seriously addressed.
With a teaching if they do fall off,
To get back on it and to do it successfully.
With their minds focused to multi-task.

But always it seems,
More from an aging generation...
Want to prove to those younger,
How much longer they can stay on a wave to ride.
But not teach a thing about survival,
If those waves one day fade.
Or from under with the tide stop and begin to subside.

'I remember those days when I just stayed on the wave.
Looking for a better one to ride.
So big and powerful they were then.
You want to see how I use to do it? '

I've been seeking someone to teach me,
More about life as it is 'now' to prepare for it.
And not how it 'was' before I came into existence.~

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