A Right To Decide

Poem By Jonathan ROBIN

As either each with Fate must meet
Rendez-vous as time and tide
In synch are meant to coincide,
Grief leave behind, or, karma greet.
Hear arguments none should delete.
The right inalienable to decide
Thus sane need to retain worldwide.
One should not days or months repeat
Dire pain, before dread winding sheet
Eats up all energy inside.
Comfort who curtains draws. Abide
In conscience by choice to complete
Death's call when inner voice can choose
Exit that none should dare refuse.

Anticipate! Chance changes meet,
Refusing compromising ride.
Ideas, ideas, as idyll tied
Glean meanings nothing can defeat.
Here voice for choice despises cheat
To grow, to flow then glow inside,
To tune to wakefulness worldwide.
One should not guiltily repeat
Divisive creed's prayer bead, trite tweet
Ego's face booked easy ride,
Choice IS priority! denied,
Inner longings incomplete,
Dreams, are destroyed. Autonomy
Excludes manipulative key.

(3 December 2011)

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