A Righteous Death

Kidneys packing it in,
fluid on the lungs,
congestive heart failure,
cognitive breakdown,
prolonging means money.
Who makes it, that dreaded
decision, based on
no vision, no reason.
Seen by some
as treason, or economics,
no cure in sight,
amelioration failing,
heavy cannons
not considered.
Somewhere the word
is uttered, barely audible,
It smacks of Goebbels,
is it an active death?
And if we change
the term
to a much kinder one,
it could well mean
that those who die
will be relieved
that theirs will be
a righteous death.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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what did the human being do 2000 years ago when medicen was not as advanced as today the person died with the family support still it is a hard question to be put to another human being who is living with pain and very little hope TERRY IST