OZW ( / Brooklyn, New York, USA)

A Ring Of Stars

A sunbeam propelled to an unknown distance
May in it's travel encounter resistance.
This causes a gravity wave to be made
Then this is propelled into another wave. At the point of impact they split rise or fall.
They'll spiral around and blend in with all.
Eventually they must dissipate into a single thing
For there is only one entrance like in a key ring. Every propulsion will leave a void
That must struggle to not to be destroyed.
It draws the object back to where it was made
Thus causing another gravitational wave. If a star enters a galaxy ring in the skies
Will this be the beginning of it's demise?
Will it continue to orbit back to the door
And thus be propelled out into a void once more? Twinkle on mysterious stars
I shall still wonder what all of you are.
You just seem to endlessly float in space
But is it really your permanent place?

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