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A Riot Of Colours!


Green leaves
gazing at red flowers
turn green with envy…

Red flowers
eyeing yellow fruits
turn red with anger…

Yellow fruits
seeing the green leaves
turn yellow from age…


looks askant at Black
and boasts:
“Look here, darkie!
I am the light
I am the purity
You’re grimy and gloomy! ”


Not to be outdone
Black taunts back:
“O wily White!
You’re full of pallor
with no originality.”

Black goes on to brag:
“East or west, Black is best
North or south, Black has worth.”


“Hey, you, Brown,
in our estimate you’re always down
for you’re neither here nor there, ”
so Black and White vent their spleen.

Hearing it,
bang launches Brown
an offensive self-defence:
“I am the colour of the earth
and so of the creative world of wood
Why, aren’t your bread and bakes brown?
Then on your faces why such a frown? ”

Continues Brown his acid vaunt:
“When brown is such a crown
it doesn’t lie in your mouth
to brown me off.”


The colours, thus, run riot
and splash and lash
to show their true colours,
as if they are in a world
that is coloured, and not colourful.


Then, all of a sudden…
all the quarrelling colours came to a halt
as an Oracle beamed across and reverberated:
“Hark, my dear ones, and mark my words.
You’re no foes to one another
You’re siblings, the offspring of the Same.
Forget not that you’re all symbols of harmony.
Just look up, high up into your mirror! ”…


Illumining so, the Oracle vanished
leaving all the colours lavished
The Divine Rainbow.

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Nalini, The implicit message of my poem is the basic equality of the various races of the Homo sapiens. Regarding the superior and inferiority complexes, what I feel is, they are the two sides of the same coin, for they have to do with the levels of confidence. Confidence (not over-confidence) coupled with a little love and understanding, and diffidence if sublimated to humility…would be positive and infectious virtues. This is my humble perception.
Lovely chosen words.. Wonderful poem.. A great write.. :)
a reminder for the oneness of the human race...feeling superior is forgiveable ...attribute it to human weakness...but unforgivable is a feeling of human being should punish themselves in this manner...regards
This is an amazing poem... Very well crafted..
This poem is a fresh foray into the racial/ethnicity issues that have long plagued society. The author utilizes tactful language, creative botanical analogies and cultural knowledge to highlight a fundamental problem that may never be fully resolved. I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Thanks for sharing. 10+
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