A Risky Night…

You know… that night, I craved to see you
Although I deny this but it was so true...
I felt myself dying
I felt myself flying…
When I saw you entering the door of the market
Like you were searching for me too…

How come you are still that magic
which arises all my senses to the extreme?
How come you still color my running life
Like a nice everlasting dream?
How come I still suffer silently
Without uttering any word…
Any try of a scream?
How come I am still longing to taste your lips
Like a kid eagerly thinking about his favorite ice cream?
How come your love is running in my veins
Like a continuous cause of life…
Like the truly eternal stream? ! ! !

Wael Karameh
March 16,2009.

by Wael Karameh

Comments (2)

Great poem! (and I think I know part of the answer-muscle memory. or bods crave what they already know)
aches of love are there