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A River's Run
KM (Oct.1,1986 / Fairhope, Al)

A River's Run

Just like a river,
Life goes on and on,
Sometimes it gets shallow,
And sometimes it gets deep,
The churning is like a world wind,
That tries to blow you away,
But somehow you hold your ground,
And always stay,
The sun beats down,
And tries to make you fade away,
But you must go on 'cause the river runs,
Because things count on you to survive,
And thrive on what you have to offer,
So don't go missing 'cause...
The river Must run.

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Comments (3)

How true Kathryn, no matter what tries to block your path. The river must run, life must go on. Well done, thankyou. Melvina
A very lovely poem and reflection on the continuation of life no matter what. Very much enjoyed, Seán.
No matter how little you think you have to offer always try and remember, the seed! Love Duncan XXX