A Road Towards City Of Heart

We have to travel this road
This road towards city of heart,
After a short, short stop here,
Oh dear pretty bus of our state,
You will pick up us now soon.

Travelling whole night again
You are feeling tired little,
We have urged to take a break,
Keeping our request tenderly
You have stopped for a while,
Night has gone clearing dream,
And dawn has come with beam,
Now we see real dream to reach.

These green trees beside highway
All cheer up you to gear up now,
Towards our lovely City of Heart
You carry on us keeping in lap,
A road we have to travel still,
To reach today there of course,
Imprinting this beauty of journey
We adore you for co-operation!

You are our pretty State Bus,
We thank again and again more
To OSRTC for felicitating joy,
For felicitating this journey
As an award of achievement,
We are with you and you move,
Travelling a road towards hope,
Oh dear victorious pretty bus,
Today only you reach there.

ยฉ Kumarmani Mahakul,20 December 2018. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (5)

We never realize the true value of our transport system! When we travel in them, we will be able to see the beautiful scenery on either side. If we are riding a car, we have to be very alert and our eyes can never feast on the lovely scenes. But most of us grumble over any inconvenience caused and never care to thank such public services! You are generous enough to appreciate everything! I salute you sir for being positive about everything!
Your kind heart brought me again to enjoy the poem. And i came to know my mistakes. Sorry for these typo errors and kindly read 'through' as 'thorough' and 'posses' as 'possess'.
Hats Off to you dear Kumarmani Ji! It is not your poem (which is really fine) but your tender heart, your excellent quality of seeing only good in others, your through gentleman-ship, a true and genuine poet in your self makes me write this. You really posses a very noble heart. When I find people cursing public services you have written a thanks giving tribute to OSRTC.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
What a good service OSRTC is doing.I envy it.
A wonderful tribute to OSRTC. The importance of State Bus has been vividly portrayed in this beautiful poem. The last stanza is a great Thanksgiving message to OSRTC.