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A Road We All Must Travel
DB (03-08-1965 / San Pedro California)

A Road We All Must Travel

Poem By Dwayne Bailey

There is a road we all must travel,
unfortantly it must be alone;
No human can travel it with us,
only our eyes the road is shown.
This journy for some will be while their young,
for others they must be old;
For some it will be in the heat of summer,
for others in winters cold.
This road we all must travel,
is through the valley of the shadow of death;
We first begin our journy,
when we've taken our lifes last breath.
Thats when our spirit breaks free from this world,
and passes to the other side;
And we see our Lord and Savior,
who for our sins on the cross died.
What a day of rejoicing that will be,
for heaven is our home at last;
Where we will never again fear the future,
or dread the things in the past.
And this is a promise we all can share,
whose faith rests in Jesus Christs name;
Because faith in Jesus Christ,
is never faith wasted in vain!

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We first began our journey. when we tale our last breath.: great words of wisdom, I give you a big ten. charles garcia