DK (1951 / UK)

A Road Well Travelled

A road well travelled does not the journey ease
Nor do well placed signposts aid our itineraries
A road well travelled is rough and rutted where
Others have passed by this way overburdened with their cares
A road well-travelled may be full of risks and dangers
You keep yourself unto yourself and never talk to strangers.

This road well travelled has no final end in sight
It can be sunny in the daytime but quite frightening at night
This road well travelled can sometimes just disappear
And you stop not knowing where to go shivering with fear
This road well travelled sometimes returns you to its start
And leaves you walking round in circles with a sad and heavy heart.

My road well travelled has many toll gates on the way
Each time I ask directions there’s a need to always pay
My road well travelled is a lonely road at times
It is a real road that I know it’s not just a state of mind
My road well travelled is not just my road you see
It’s a road that many others take and it’s called anxiety.

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Comments (3)

very well done! ! ! ! It’s a road that many others take and it’s called anxiety.- -true indeed
Sometimes its the familarity of a road well travelled that leads to our downfall. Walk the road less travelled and experience the freedom to be true to yourself. :)
A lonely road, though a million feet tread upon it. Well writ David. Though a hard mistress, she also provides the spark, the generator, for our art. Take care. Shaun.