(19/03/91 / Salford)

A Rock!

A Rock is strong,
And stable
It can stand lots of damage
And still remain the same:
And stable
Whatever comes its way

If our feelings were strong like rocks
We wouldn’t feel pain when we were hurt
We would be able to take knocks
And not experience distress when treated like dirt

Words can do a lot of damage as well as good
Wicked words from loved ones can really knock us down
We wish that we can go back to how we felt before if we could
Before we felt cross and wanted to frown
But it is simply not possible we have to accept
Once a vicious word has been said it has been crowned
But that does not mean it has to have an affect

Some like to control and hurt others
They want to have power over something
They have never felt loved by their fellow brothers
But that does not make it right
No innocent person should suffer because of their mis-fortune

When he has destroyed the innocent girls worth
He can say what he likes and she will believe it all
He can feed her lies onto a plate
And she will take them

He has made her think these lies are true
Stage one of the game is over
He has control of another being
Exactly what he wants

He starts treating her like something stuck to his shoe,
With no respect and no care
Like something he cannot bear
This is another tactic
To make her feel she is of no importance
When she is, its just another lie
If she knew she would have strength to fight him back

Their confidence through them they are seeing
Its like the child has become a tool
He can start treating her like dirt,
Yet he does not realise he is being a fool

The game begins, the ball is bowled
Hit right through the air into the cold
Then through a window
All self- esteem is gone after that moment
Smashed through glass into a million fragments
Now the game really has begun
Second level has been perfected
He really is feeling contented

The game continues but does he win
Does she fight back?
She has a rock

A rock to load all this pain upon
A rock to help her through
A rock to give her strength
To fight this

Help to put the fragments of her identity back together
So she won’t lose the end of her tether

God is her rock:
He is strong
And stable
He can withold her pain
And wont break
Nothings too much for him to take

He stays strong for her
He is her rock to stand upon
There will be an end

He is her rock
He has the power to free her mind

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Rock solid my friend!
Very moving poem Becky. I too believe God is my rock. I think this is wonderful. Great job! Sincerely, Mary
Powerful ways of expressing strength using the power of GOD. Yours in Words, Dustin AKA Inkweaver