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A Rock Star

There is a guy that I know
Or may be I think so

He seems to have ensued a war with himself
So many layers to him that I want to delve

When I look through his eyes
Wooden & blank …
Seems like he is lookin for a helping hand.

There’s a side to him
That not everyone knows
A spark in his eyes
That brightly glows

He doesn’t seem to know his worth
As the diamond can’t see its light..

Wanna introduce himself to him
Wanna put some wind under his wings
Wanna tell him to reach for the stars
Coz for him, they r never too far

Wanna tell him that he is an
Inspiration of sorts
Wanna tell him that
He can bless the deserts like raindrops..

Wanna tell him to start over new
Coz once u climb the cliff
There is a beautiful view

Wanna tell him to
Stand up n put a fight
Coz he is a rockstar in his own right.

Thr is a guy that I know
Or may be I think so

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Comments (4)

niceeeeeeeeeeeee, love it
breathless here your really good at this I'm like practically speechless here you hooked my attention
that's really good :)
Looking forward to more from have a real poet in you...