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A Role Of A Peace Dove
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

A Role Of A Peace Dove

Gentle, white dove gliding over the land,
We wonder how you always understand
Just when to fly or where to go,
Attempting to stop conflicts that hurts us so.

Nestled in your mind lies a message of relief,
You fly long distances in unbelief,
You hover over ravaged areas below,
And then down to the earth you quickly go.

But what we wonder, little dove,
How do you know many humans lack love?
And just how do you really know
Just where you are suppose to go?

There are many world conflicts, that is true,
Many governments need revisions too,
So how can a gentle dove so small
Aid in ending conflicts in no time at all.

Do you work alone or is this all new
To do the good things that you always do?
We are counting on your wisdom mighty strong
To go out in the world and combat the wrong.

Fly from your haven, be on your way
And end our fears for another day.
Hopefully, your advocacy will never cease,
We can't fullfill our dreams until there is peace.

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