Haiku - 500

beauty of the nature
sweet white small roses.

man 'with the class' it is you.

thank you for posy.

by Dagmara Anna AuraDagimar

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Oh. My. Word. Oh, what a calling for mankind to live free- -free itself from pettiness, ugliness, meaninglessness. If I were young, I would stuff a backpack and wander through God's world and Praise Him who made it all but I fear I will wander the world only in my imagination now as I watch it through my window. Giant super poet and a multifaceted miracle of a poem. 10 of course.
My golden youth I'm squandering, ...Sun-libertine am I; A-wandering, a-wandering, Until the day I die.... Beautiful, just beautiful
A very beautiful poem.
Great poem...thanks
Such an interesting write by Robert William Service👍
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