A Romantic Moment

I touched her face
While gazing in her eyes
Then we both embraced
Forgetting all the lies

I whispered in her ears
She said you do
Then she burst into tears
And said I love you too

I kissed her forehead
Then her nose
This might lead to a bed
And perhaps absence of clothes

I kissed her so deep
That I tasted her secrets
She could have put me to sleep
The magic, she has it

I felt her warm body
Compressed against mines
Never held something more lovely
Since the beginning of my time

by Anthony Yorke

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Mr. Yorke, I like this very much! I like your writing, it is very descriptive, and I see what you paint, with your words. I do not always see, when I read. But sometimes when I read, I see the poem played out in front of me..... my fiance has this ability, though he does not write. He is a comedian, story teller.... but you have the gift of painting with no brushes. 10!