A Romantic Night

You come in and sit down while looking around
I tell you don’t be afraid just relax for this is your night
I’ve prepared all day for this one perfect night
Topped with music, food, wine and a flickering candle light

by Daniel Chapman Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

This is my favorite
wow! ! this is - no joke - one of the best poems I have ever read - it's so elegantly beautiful and so passionate - so in the moment of heat - explaining everything that people have tried so hard to find words for - added to my faves! !
WOW..lol...this is a very powerful and passionate poem..tastefully written, indeed..thank you for sharing it.. Denise
This is amazing, very hot and powerful. You have alot of talent and passion. CJ
Now this is a poem! Whew! And a breathless undertaking, a fresh respect to such a wonderous thing as a romantic night. Well written and with the raw power and emotion so well expressed, it's a wonder my mouth hasn't gone dry with anticipation. Well done.
got my pulse rate up there! ! ! very nicely done, daniel... 'ready for mines' is such perfect use of ebonics (hommieghettospeak) hope to see more of that technique.
This poem was well written, and with much thought, and feeling. I have to say reading it left no stone unturned.....and was breath-taking and I must say left me speechless in some respect. A very good write for a Romantic Night....
A romantic night indeed, romance still lives as shown with passionate write.