A Rose

the words to say how much I loved you
are nowhere near my tongue
I kneel before you now in silence
To bathe your spirit with my tears
Wishing that this rain of sorrow
could bring life back to you…

the aching leaves my heart so hollow,
so I plant this rose for you;
a rose to mark a fallen angel,
the petals bind your heart to mine…

I wish you’d take me to the clearing
My heart lacks the will to carry on…
I would end my life and join you,
But your life demands more honor,
So my broken heart still beats for you…

if worlds collide and towers fall,
the rose will stand throughout millennia;
my love for you that burns eternal,
a rose of love that blooms in me;
I loved you far beyond in life,
And even in your absence,
how I love you more…

by j.c. monterrosa

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