A Rose Amongst The Weeds

Poem By Sakib Choudhury

She is like a rose in the sun
Budding beautifully in the light
A true sight to see amongst weeds
That surround her for all to see

Her radiance shines so bright that
Everything else pales in comparison
Making them bleak and seem unnatural
To call them ordinary would do no justice
For she is truely unique to this world of ours

Her aroma is the most intoxicating thing
To any living creature close enough to
Smell her special blend of silky petals
That dances elegantly to the song of the wind

For that is why she is most desired amongst bees
As they flock to her enticed by everything she has
Unwittingly displayed for all to see
A gift and curse of the almighty creator

She has the most coveted prize desired by the bees
For they want a taste of the sweet nectar she produces
By pressing their mouth against her tender lips
Holding it as a triumph over the surrounding swarm
Not fully appreciating what else the rose has to offer

Alas for I the lowliest of all creatures understand
The delicacy of taking care of this unique rose
To make sure that she's never treated like a weed
Neither a trophy for some ungrateful collector
Only keeping a hold of her to glorify himself
In the eyes of his fellow companion bees

I wish she would see me for what I really am
And choose me above everyone else
For I would keep her safe from harm
So that she could always bud beautifully
Till the time come's for us to wilt away
And become one with the earth again

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A really good poem, enjoyed reading it. A really good write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Drug Fueled.

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