A Rose Blooms

Poem By Steve Nottingham

Somewhere in Hell a rose blooms
Rare, fragile pink petals so pure
A thing of pristine beauty
Stark contrast to its surroundings
Bubbling, heaving lava in motion
Black, riven rocks carved by demon hand.

Somewhere in Hell a rose blooms
Lonely oasis of beauty
Amidst foul brimstone and cinders
A place where demons leer and gibber
And dame soul wail
Praying for discarded salvation.

Somewhere in Hell a rose blooms
Untouched by the ugliness all around
Protected by a power greater than Satan's
The rose cannot be harmed
Not by demon or man
Not even by the Dark One himself.

Somewhere in Hell a rose blooms
But none know it's origin
Or how it came to grow here
Perhaps it is a sign
Offering hope to every damned soul
A glimmer of light in darkest pit.

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