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A Rose Diamond (2014)
MS M.W. Styner (08/22/1991 / Houston)

A Rose Diamond (2014)

I can admit at times I get afraid on how somethings will look ahead, but every time I look in your eyes I see a vision of our future and I began to have a strong feeling on how beautiful and enjoyable the journey ahead will be.While I lay my head on your chest, it is astonishing to listen to the unique ocean of your heartbeat and knowing mines beat exactly the sound the same; nervous but strong enough to touch and uplift the spirit.Incredible, to discover that we share the same reflection in our minds about each other.When people see you smile, I hope in those moments they can paint an image of myself behind them just so they can feel how unconditional and powerful our connection is when it changes the atmosphere.Amazing, to see how God shine his anoints on our life.Our soul is combining as one.Our faith is to grow stronger through this world that blinds the spirit.Looking at our depressing and inspiring moments.In time, it will become our best memories as we nurture the pain and joy.As people, we make ideas and set times.With God, he make masterpieces and purposes.So, while I blow you a kiss through this wind of love.As you move closer to me, I hope you would catch it.Put it close to your heart. So as I love you, you will no longer see my mark, but destiny in the morning light. By: Milton Styner, Jr.

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