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A Rose For My Mother
MHO ( / Creedmoor, NC, USA)

A Rose For My Mother

Poem By Mary Helen Oakley

A rose for my mother,
That's all she asks of me,
For a lifetime of trouble
She had raising me. A rose for my mother,
Whom God gave to me,
She spent her life raising children,
And we're all grateful as can be. So I bought a rose for mother,
That I gave to her, with pride,
And I said, I love you mother,
And I thank you for my life, And mother, if I had bought all the roses,
To give to you, from me,
There would be so many,
They would fill up a tree, But you, wouldn't want that many,
As you've often said to me,
One, would be a plenty,
If they came, from you to me.

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