LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

' A Rose Is A Rose

Sir, can you answer
This question I pose.....
What on this earth is
As sweet as a rose?

As fragile as lace
With a fragrance divine,
As smooth as warm velvet,
As mellow as wine;

What is more lovely
Than petals of red,
Enhanced by the dewdrops
That cover her head,

Kissed by the sunshine,
Embraced by the breeze,
Beckoning birds to fly
Down from their trees;

Is there a flower
More lovely than this?
Sir, if you find one.....
I'll give you a kiss!


by Linda Ori

Comments (14)

My favourite line is With fragrance divine.Lovely.
It is so beautifull with a smooth marvellous flow :)
A rose is, after all a rose, And so's this poem
hahahhah, , , lovely poem, , like it, ,
The comments prove that you've got a winner here, Linda. A organization like AARS would probably love to pay for the rights to have this in one of their publications. -chuck
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