A Rose Still Grows

One day a rose of rare beauty would grow
This rose tho' rare the whole world would know
It was given for all it's beauty to behold
This great rose of Sharon so long ago foretold
This rose brought salvation to those who believe
It's beauty brought love and healing for disease
It came to bring light to a dark world of sin
It came to bring glory and hope deep within
No flower would bloom with the beauty of this rose
It's beauty so rare so special to behold
It came forth from the thorns and touched deep the soul
This sweet rose of Sharon will never grow old
It will always bring beauty for it came with a cost
It came for a purpose to save all who were lost

by Brenda Whitlock

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Good poem. I dont no if i should take this religously... Took some time to wrap my head around it. Liked the last line.