(March 8,1988 / Evanston, Illinos)

A Roses' Petal

To walk the petal of a rose,
on a coffin under a tombstone.
Would mean to have walked the halls of the otherside,
yet still here above ground.

To look down from the sky,
and see the Cemetary.
Would give me a chance to breath,
And see life finally.

To pass to the otherside,
With what started not through.
Would be the wrong way,
One could have ever knew.

But to return having understood,
That is death and this is life.
Sheds fear to worry,
about a world of strife.

To stay and get to see,
What the ending hath shown.
Is the only way to leave,
Life with a purpose known.

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Comments (1)

Dawson, I like the content of your poem. I've thought about this myself. To leave not done, With what was started. Would be the saddest way, One could have departed. I feel these lines are somewhat cliche - the rhyme between 'started' and 'departed.' And sing-song. Also you spelled cemetery wrong. This has the potential of being a great poem. Put it away and come back to it fresh.