A Rough Guide To A Happy Life

Always look for the silver-lining,
Always strive for a goal,
Always aim to reach the moon
And you'll never be alone.

Always keep your hope alive
And to yourself be true,
Always keep your options open
Always see your sky as blue.

Always keep your back to the wind,
and your face to the sun,
Always keep the spirit of adventure
And learn to walk, before you run.

Always follow the dream in your heart
And always keep your head,
Always keep your cool and settle your disputes
Before you go to bed.

(C) Victoria Elizabeth Hughes September 2005

by Victoria Hughes

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Comments (2)

Lovely inspirational words here Victoria. Very nice. Sincerely, Mary
Some real good advice here, could you do a sequel, A Happy Guide Tp A Rough Life? Just an idea, keep writing regardless!