(10 December 1830 – 15 May 1886 / Amherst / Massachusetts)

A Route Of Evanescence

A Route of Evanescence
With a revolving Wheel--
A Resonance of Emerald--
A Rush of Cochineal--
And every Blossom on the Bush
Adjusts its tumbled Head--
The mail from Tunis, probably,
An easy Morning's Ride--

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probably about some incident happened prior to the mail from Tunis and that mail conveying some good message made her write this....usual Emily's great write- 10
............beautiful alliteration, wonderful poem ★
A resonance of Emerald - that's one of my favorite lines.
One of the four or five best poems ever written! And pluperfectly hits the moment when Romanticism gave way to Realism in American Literature. Look at her, standing there by her upstairs window, in white, in her ever-present state of reverie, reveling in the blossoms' obeisance to the hummingbird, when the real world blathers in in the sounds of the mail horse galumphing up the road..... Sheer poetry!