A Run Through The Jungle Is Nothing Like A Walk Through The Forest

Poem By Ray Mesa

Tears from a lion
Soldiers in a line
Jungle beast, running free
It's where we go every dream
Hollow steps on a muddy road
Fellow cattle fallow the herd
It's what is inside all our souls
Crescent moon, floating above my bed
Scattered remains of all our friends
It's what dwells inside our heads

A snow flake falls, behind her footsteps
It's a black and white world, and I'm color blind
Little angels with beautiful smiles and eyes that are red
Reynolds’s North Dakota, its snow filled steps I leave behind

On to a world I never fully greeted
Stomp your feet, Come on in
I'm not crying I'm just bleeding
Ignore the heater, No fire is here but our sins
It's the place we all go when we punch walls
Scream, Scatter away from light beams or laughter
It's the world you made in 1st Hour for me and only me
Here I am, Bleeding palms and on my knees
I just can't walk a line I don't know I don't own
So leave me a note
Explain your absent sympathy
It's cold outside, grab your coat
And make me a symphony
Tell me in song where I belong
Tell me in tune
Tell me in a song where I belong
And I’ll go there soon
Tell me what I am; what I am is what you say
So tell me where to walk today
The world, the one I am in and the one you made
Has combusted into a storm of land
Your head is in the sand
What the head wants can't be touched by the hand

I am who I wanted to be
And in the mirror is who I want to see
So leave me without a word
No lyric, No plucking any guitar cords

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