A Rural Scene.

I'm sitting alone on my throne of cold stone,
High up on the mountain top.
I'm sitting alone with memories to hone,
Where the sandstone dares to outcrop.

I've sat here before, a thousand times or so,
Yet my pleasures are never the same.
It's what I adore, thrills me to the core.
Artistry, in a bucolic frame.

The vision I see, so vividly,
Portrays a hundred shades of green.
Rolling pastures, oak trees, the flowers, the bees.
It's a picture to bedazzle a queen.

The red kite hovers high, way up in the sky.
So graceful against it's backcloth of blue.
Magpies chatter away in the hedgerow all day.
And the bluebells blossom anew.

Skimming so low, where the wild orchids grow,
The swallows dart after their prey.
It's amazing, you know, that a kite fears a crow,
For the crow comes and sees it away.

The cattle graze lazily, down by the brook,
And my collie puts her head on my knee.
Beauty surrounds me, wherever I look.
I'm as happy as happy can be.

I reflect for a while with a sigh and a smile
On fond memories, of joys, and of cheers.
It‘s then, from my throne of outcropped sandstone,
I feel the music of the spheres.

by Jak Black

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A beautiful flow of wonderful words.
from my 'favorites list' i am taking this to adorn my/our July 2017's 'showcase of and for PH poets'. Thanks. i have a new format which allows for any size of poem and easy access to the poem's page in the poet's site. i hope you are well. bri :)
how could i have left a comment just earlier this month and not have remembered i did? ? ? its hmm? :) music of the spheres.............was a phrase used in my college fraternity's ritual. a beautiful poem, and i'd like to have such a place to sit. i satisfy myself with a walk down a country road, past a cow pasture, a cemetery, and etc. Great poem.....again. bri :) memories to hone......esp. nice. i saw red kite in U.K. this year.
Been there......where the moments matter.....re-charge the energies. Good one.
How DARES that sandstone! Pretty cheeky of it! Its backcloth I am loving this and shall send to MyPoemList. I would chop outcropped from last stanza, .....but no one asked my opinion! ! Hee-hee. Favorite (of many) lines: It's amazing, you know, that a kite fears a crow,   For the crow comes and sees it away. :) Bri
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