Why The Classics

Poem By Zbigniew Herbert

Love is like a wild wind
Am I just a howling wildness?
or maybe a howling triumph!

Twirling and twisting into a knot
Ought I pull this way or not?
Head spinning, heart running,
and I'm following its path.

Oh sweet heart see the flowers
hanging over the picket fence,
five lovely petals crying
out for-get-me-not!
In the never-ending heaven hangs
as many shinning stars as angels!

Having slept nights alone
Desire crests, overflowing
waves over waves

Sitting alone on the riverbank
Pondering the long dive
Billows beckoning me to ride

Having no buds in waiting
can love bloom at any age?
Growing older against your junior-
wasn't well thought out
years between us are felt,
and distance to be dealt with

Almedia Knight

July 9,2009

Comments about Why The Classics

Absolutely love your style of poetry, so enticing and honest, truly a blessing for anyone who reads it. Love later in life can be filled with the wind of indecision yet love quiets it all in a gentle breeze when with that person who holds your heart so tenderly in life. Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
An emotional tour de force. A roller coaster ride of feelings.
i'm sure i'm not understanding this as well as Almedia understands it but i guess i come close enough. the winds can be soothing or treacherous; watch out. and watch those waves, but none of us avoid them forever. you might wish to look at spelling of one word in this line: as many shinning stars as angels! thanks for sharing. will it be a swan dive? :) bri
love is like a garden of blossoms where flowers must be taken care of.... the way you wrote the poem is very good
Love is like a wild wind the scent of a spring rose. I stopped dead in my track, and Waited for it to blow over my head, but..noone knows where from it originates and how itg strikes at heart... lovely placemet of words and only skilled poet can deliver it... nice poem....10 read mone... at the top.. love ay first sight

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